A 16-Beat Attack!
MOTHER 3- A 16-Beat Attack!00:30

MOTHER 3- A 16-Beat Attack!

Sound Player number 141
Code number 399
Tempo 150 BPM
Enemies Beaten Drum

A 16-Beat Attack! is battle theme in Mother 3. However, unlike regular themes, this one only plays when the Beaten Drum decides to change the default battle theme, Tough Zombeat. The song itself sounds like a sped up version of Zombeat but without the supporting cymbals. Before the music changes, the game will announce "The Beaten Drum did a sixteen beat attack!". The song istelf is a quick drum roll.

Strangely, making the drum fall asleep during this song will work, but it won't give the heartbeat.

A Marching Attack!Edit

A Marching Attack!
MOTHER 3- A Marching Attack!00:14

MOTHER 3- A Marching Attack!

Sound Player number 142
Code number 398
Tempo 120 BPM
Enemies Beaten Drum

A Marching Attack! is another theme than can play when the Beaten Drum changes the music. Before the music changes, the game will announce "The Beaten Drum did a marching attack!". The song is a simple drum roll, similar to the beginning of Isn't This Such a Utopia?!. As with A 16-Beat Attack!, there is no heartbeat track.

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